The Green Room Story…


Ever since I developed Juice Feasting™ as a Life Practice back in 2004 I’ve been training and coaching almost non-stop.

You see, we blew the lid off what is possible with cleansing and healing. Juice Feasting™ is an INCREDIBLE technology that has allowed hundreds of thousands of people to overcome significant health challenges from the comfort of their own home while still going to work and taking care of day to day life.

Even more than that, Juice Feasting™ is a fundamental tool for maintaining a life of health and prosperity, and it helped so many people so quickly that by the time my wife Katrina and I launched the first ever Global Juice Feast in 2008, there was already a need for an online community.

There were so many amazing stories of healing and transformation, and as a personal health coach I had a front row seat for all of them! But it wasn’t long before I realized that I was seeing a lot of clients with the exact same problems.

That was when The Green Room really started to take shape.

What better way to help people overcome their challenges than by creating a space where people with similar issues could share their experiences with each other and record them for those who came later?

There was really only one thing to do.


The Juice Feasting Green Room was born as a place for people who were members of the Juice Feasting™ membership site to share stories, photos, videos and information and compare notes while blogging about their experiences.

It quickly became one of the premier features of the Juice Feasting™ program and before long it was full of passionate Health Coaches, Experienced Juice Feasters and Inspiring People Sharing their health journeys with each other!

Never before had such a powerful group of real people who were actually LIVING examples of health transformation been available in one place.

Since then the Green Room platform has continued to grow and develop into an even more powerful interactive experience. Advancements in software and technology have made sharing videos and audio easier than ever before.

Of course, all of this is designed to serve one purpose: To make sure you are able to live a healthy life with the people who matter most in YOUR life.

The Juice Feasting Family

That’s Katrina and I with our kids enjoying green coconuts…

We would like to invite you to join us in the Green Room and begin your health transformation today.

Get your questions answered by the creator of Juice Feasting, David Rainoshek.

Make Friends in online and offline groups. You can join existing groups or start your own.

Your Green Room account automatically comes with it’s own blog to record your journey of health and self discovery.

Upload pictures, audio and video to document your Juice Feast.

Find encouragement and learn from other health conscious people.

The Green Room has all the tools you could possibly need to connect with your fellow juice feasters and succeed on your health journey!

Join the world’s first and best Juice Feasting Support Community today and see why thousands of people have discovered that Juice Feasting is the most powerful way to start your Health Transformation NOW!