Access The Original Online Juice Feasting™ Support Community Today


The Juice Feasting™ Green Room is the Community Support Site which has always been included as part of The 92-Day Juice Feasting™ Nutrition Course ever since we developed Juice Feasting™ in 2004!

But over the years, so many people have loved The Green Room all by itself, that we’ve decided to make The Green Room available on a “pay-as-you-go” basis. You can sign up for access today and be knee deep in the world’s first Juice Feasting™ support community by tomorrow!

As a member of The Green Room you get many benefits, including:

Benefit #1 - Everything at Your Fingertips
Access to all the tools and information you need to successfully Juice Feast from how to make juice and select the best produce, to the right way to close out your cleanse so that you feel the very best that you can! 100% proven and practical training to transform your life!
Benefit #2 - Stay Fresh
Keep your pulse on what’s working now. Every week – new short, fluff-free, straightforward, Juice Feasting™ exclusive training videos will be added to the member’s area.
Benefit #3 - Keep Moving Forward
As a member of The Green Room your Health Journey will never stagnate. You have access to the most current and cutting edge discussions in the natural health world, AND a community of passionate health advocates to keep you on your toes!
Benefit #4 - Keep it REAL
The Green Room is a community of real people with real health challenges who are finding REAL solutions. With over a thousand members you can be sure you’ll find people who have overcome health challenges similar to yours. David and Katrina are in The Green Room to answer questions and have personally trained Juice Feasting™ coaches in The Green Room.
Benefit #5 - Local Meetups
Our members are forming LOCAL Juice Feasting™ groups. Places to connect in person. Meetups. Support Groups. Workshops. Forget paying thousands for expensive “Health Guru” Workshops, it’s all included for Green Room members.
Benefit #6 - Stay Connected
Meet fellow passionate health seekers 24/7. Our online groups are rocking and just one connection can truly change your life. You’re going to love the community.
Benefit #7 - Need a Hand?
Got a question? Just login and ask. Your fellow Juice Feasters and the staff are here to help. Juicing Methods? Weight Loss? Health Challenges? You name it – we’ve got your back. Always.
Benefit #8 - We Love Giving
Because we are dedicated to your total well being, we attract members who care. People who want to heal and cherish themselves and others. People who give first. There are enough negative people and forces working against us – this is the place for support and positive energy.

No Way! – It Can’t Be This Low… Can It?
As you can see, becoming a Green Room member is extremely affordable.
It’s what we call a true “no-brainer”.

Yes, we could easily charge $100 per month for everything we offer — and it would still be worth 20 times that amount. But instead, we have made it affordable for anyone who is serious about creating a life of vibrant health and abundance. Here are your choices…

Monthly Pass - $14.92 per Month
- OR -
One Year Pass - $139

See How
Juice Feasting™ Has Changed the Game!

Let’s get real, shall we?

There are a lot of programs that focus on health and weight-loss. Some are good and some are not.


Here’s the truth. I created the practice of Juice Feasting™ as a method of cleansing in 2004. I have been training and coaching people to heal themselves from chronic disease for over ten years. During that time Juice Feasting™ has become an international success helping hundreds of thousands to heal.

You may see juice cleanses being sold under many other names, but don’t be fooled by some knock off artist posing as a “health guru”. If you buy into the guru hype, expect to lay down $500 to $1,000 for their latest “program”. But there are some problems.

Most of these guys are marketers first, with a cleansing curiosity on the side.

And what does your $1,000 get you? No access to the person who created it. No way to have your questions answered. Virtually zero support once their “launch” is over and they are onto the next project. It’s never updated and the information soon becomes stale. And there’s no way to connect with other people.

The Green Room is a 100% CLEAN OFFER:

What you see is what you get… which is EVERYTHING.

Other “cleansing” programs usually upsell to more expensive multi-thousand dollar coaching, expensive conferences and other products. Or their $100 PER MONTH “membership site” which quickly becomes a deserted ghost town as they have moved on to their next project.

Not with The Green Room… you have unlimited access to the entire membership. That means…

NO UPSELLS to other more expensive products.

NO HOLDING BACK content. You get it all. No catch.

NO GAMES AND NO HYPE. Just straightforward health training without the fluff.

Yes, this way of doing business does cost us revenue – but we truly believe that if we deliver an incredible experience for our members, it will not only be good for our members… it will also be good for business.

You will quickly see why we have been leaders in the natural health industry since we revolutionized cleansing over ten years ago!

You get unlimited access to Real research. Real community. Real support. Real cleansing. Real updates. And we’re just scratching the surface.

All for about around $.50 cents per day (less than an organic orange, for goodness sake). And our Complete, One Year Juice Feasting™ Package is even less. We are literally talking pocket change, my friend.

PLEASE compare this to any other “juice cleansing” membership. I guarantee nothing will come even close to what we deliver… and they will likely be 3-5X more expensive.

You can see how passionate I am about this. I know it’s insane to give away so much for such a low price – but we are on a mission to impact 1,000,000 people in 2014. Join us today… the water is mighty fine…

Simply choose the best plan for you – and get your Green Room all-access pass today to receive access to everything.


Monthly Pass - $14.92 per Month
- OR -
One Year Pass - $139


Oh yeah – each plan is backed by a rock-solid, 60 day full money-back guarantee. Come in and try us out. Meet other Juice Feasters. Check out all the info. And if you’re not satisfied – we’ll refund your money. No questions asked.


I’ll see you on the inside.


David Rainoshek

Creator of Juice Feasting™