It’s ALL Been Important… Even the Carnival Food

If we are honest, we have eaten everything. Tried it all. But if you are here, you have probably noticed you are on some sort of forward trajectory in what you know and do about food and health. Be at peace: everything you have tried and done has purpose.

In this incredible 2-Hour Interview with David Rainoshek, discussing in detail  the importance of The Spectrum of Diet!

My colleague Kevin Gianni said of this project, “There are some people who you just know are smart. David is one of them. He stands out among his peers. He’s also diligent. He’s a true researcher. I like the way David shares this, because it is respectful and acknowledges everyone has something to contribute to the diet discussion – whether it’s vegan, raw food, paleo, or anything else. As someone who’s interviewed hundreds of health experts in the last 4-5 years, I know that he’s right.”

The Spectrum of Diet